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We offer 2 price structures, please contact us and we will let you know what suits you and your business the best


Connected to the coin boxes

Continued access to the coin boxes. Additionally customers can also pay using credit/debit card and loyalty/club cards through the app



Connected directly to the tanning bed

The app is directly connected to the tanning bed and the customers pay by credit/debit card or club/loyalty card. Customer will not be able to pay by cash in this option


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The Tanning App opens new opportunities for your tanning studio. Make sure you keep up with the competition and offer a mobile payment app tailored to your unique brand identity



Signs & Information:

Installation & Setup:



​App Support:

Delivery time:

1 year

Upon installation we will educate each studio owner/operator on how to operate the system 

We can ​provide clear customer instruction and information on how to use the Tanning App 

We​ make sure The Tanning App is fully installed and customised to your unique studio

Each owner/operator get access to a sophisticated backend where you can view and track statistics, edit customer balances and build your own loyalty club. You will also be able to communicate with your customers and draft and send marketing campaigns

The system requires an internet connection gateway for networks. To be delivered/offered separately

The Tanning App is available for immediate delivery

Solarieappen Ikon.jpg

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